Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Contest
*Rules Have Been Edited*

Sometimes I'll find myself shopping, minding my own business, and encounter a sale. There may be things that I think are super cute/useful but for whatever reason, I can't use them. Maybe it doesn't come in my size. In which case, I'll go through my brain and think of friends who could fit it. Because, God forbid, I leave it at the store and not have the chance to ever see SOMEONE I know enjoying it. So I buy it, and give it away. I'm notorious for doing this with shoes.

Or, perhaps it's a book that I already have in my knitting library, but I can't leave it in the store because it is on "super sale", and the price is too good to just leave it.

This book is a collection of VK's best articles written up to it's 25 year anniversay. It features such topics as the history of knitting, basic and advanced techniques, an introduction to the design process, and information on fiber and yarn care. I *heart* this book.

Tell me your funniest personal story JOKE. The person with the story to make both me and my knitting homie Erica laugh wins the book (Um, let me call Erica to tell her that she's participating in this). You have until August 4th at midnight. You must leave your jokes in comments to be considered. Don't want to be inundated with e-mails.