Friday, July 03, 2009

Michelle's "Dontae"

Made from Cascade 220

I met Lamont when I went to Lake Forest College. I had great times with the crew we hung out with. Talking about each other's mamas at our table in the cafeteria. Cracking jokes about one another's faults.

Ah, those were the good old days.

Well, little Lamont went and got himself hitched to a little lady named Michelle. I've never met Michelle in person. But we talk ALL THE TIME via facebook. I talk to her waaaay more than I talk to Lamont. Funny how that works.

Well, Michelle liked "The Dontae" hat that I designed for my brother Dontae and asked me to make one for her in "Victoria's Secret Pink". Even wanted to pay me for it.

Bah! Your money's no good here!

Since my brotherly love for Lamont trickles down to his wife and the fruit of his loins, I wanted to make it for her. There's nothing a knitter likes more than making something for a family member (yeah, I've claimed you, Michelle, as my "play sister" whether you like it or not) that specifically requests a hand knit item. It means that they'll love and appreciate it as much as you loved knitting it for them. The appreciation is payment enough.

I believe that, if I lived in Chicago, we'd be fast friends. Eating healthy apple snickers salads (guys, this is a real salad that she makes! Having the word "salad" in the name TOTALLY cancels out the unhealthy "snicker-ness" of it.) and skipping down the street holding hands.

It's going in the mail today.