Wednesday, June 29, 2011


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I'd just finished a submission for a sweater pattern that was a little challenging and wanted a bit of easy knitting after that.  Usually when I finish a large project, I don't want to look at knitting for a few days. This time, my fingers wanted to continue moving but my brain didn't want to do too much thinking.

Simplicity was the reason I chose to knit Mara. Well, that and the fact that I really loved how cute it is.  Oh, and the fact that I was being a copycat since my BFF knit one too. I've worn her at work now for a couple of days and I'm totally smitten.  I've worn her simply thrown over my shoulders as on the mannequin. I need Mara at work because Frosty is at the helm of the air conditioning system. 

My favorite part of the shawl is the ruffled edge because it makes my 38-year-old arse feel like a girl. Or a proper lady. Because ladies wear stuff like shawls.

My next project will be the Acanthus Shawlette.  I'm using this yarn that I dyed over two years ago.


Karine said...

I love the colour! Gorgeous.

Debora said...

It's beautiful!

cici said...

it doesn't look simple to me, it sure is purdeee! I think you like purple♥

jucy said...

Very nice! And I love your next shawl project, too!

judy said...

Oh Lord! I just realized that the previous comment I left you has a typo! I didn't even type my name correctly! Gee....see what being a grandmother does to you?! Thanks, my niece will receive her shawl soon. I plan to make a shawl for every niece as a wedding present.