Sunday, December 23, 2012

No van Gogh

Michaels was having a sale on beginner's art sets a few weeks ago. As I stood in front of the display, I heard the voice of God himself, telling me that it is time to unleash my mediocre dormant artistic abilities upon the world.

How can you NOT listen to God? (He told me to get this set.  At the time, it was $7.99.)

I chose this simple picture from the internet for inspiration. 

I could gripe about all of the mistakes I made (The minor fact that my picture doesn't look exactly like the lines aren't straight, my petals are crooked...blah blah blah.), but I had the best time.  And the colors make me happy.  Like, really happy.

I am proud. 

I know many of you couldn't care less about my masterpiece and focused on those cool cable knit vases. Well, Michaels had those on sale, too. The small vase was $2.50 ($5.00 originally) and the tall one was $2.99 ($7.99 originally).  I've already put the tall vase to work as a needle holder.



Sharon said...

I love both the picture and the vases. Are is about expression and you expressed yourself rather nicely. Well done.

Happy Holiday.

Lynette said...

your picture is lovely! i can tell it made you happy. and if i can brave the crowds, i'm going to head out and buy those vases. ;) Happy Holidays!

elle3270 said...

I like painting and the vases. Happy Holidays!