Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I somehow developed an obsession for collecting those magnetic boards for keeping track of your place in patterns.  If you're a knitter, I'm sure you have seen these at least once:

I especially like them for charts.

They were really inexpensive at one time.  I think they were somewhere around 3 bucks (They are now about 6 bucks.) and if I had a coupon, I was in magnetic board hoarding heaven.  At one time, I had about 9 of them.  Many of them were unopened and sitting on my bookshelf with the knitting books.

Why do I need so many, you ask?

Shut up.  You ask too many questions.

Seriously, each project needs its own board.  Duh.  

Do you know that I can only find ONE now?  For the life of me, I don't know what I have done with them.  Maybe they're in a box somewhere and I have forgotten which box I put them in.  I KNOW that I didn't lend them to anyone.  Oh, I just remembered that I gave at least one brand new one away-so that leaves 7 unaccounted for.  Maybe the rest have run away.  Living a life filled with booze and loose women.

If you see seven of these just hanging out on a street corner somewhere, shoot me an email.  Their mama wants them to come home.


Sarah said...

It's probably running around with mine. I've decided I just need to organize and clean out my craft stuff!

Sharon said...

I can appreciate your love for the magnetic board, I have two myself. Good bye clipboard, hello magnets.

One I purchased from Knit Picks, and one I inherited from an estate. I love them both.