Wednesday, July 29, 2015

You Can Never Have Too Many

I need you to take a few moments and gaze upon the beauty of my new yarn bowl.
(Click the pictures to enlarge.)
I often browse Etsy for beautiful yarn bowls, and my recent browsing session did not disappoint.  I purchased this bowl from HardwoodSpindles and I'm so glad I did.  Shipping was fast; I ordered this bowl last Friday, Mr. Johnson emailed me to tell me that he will mail it on Monday, and I received it today. 

AND it was reasonably priced at $45.  There were a few different styles left the last time I checked, so if you want one, you best head on over there ASAP.

Of course I didn't NEED another yarn bowl:

But when you see something this beautiful, the next thing you know the screen reads "Thank you for your order.".  I've already started using it to hold the yarn I'm using to make this beauty:

"Compton" from Rowan's "Alpaca Colour" book.  (The picture is from Rowan's site.)

I really thought that I would be done with knitting the pieces last night.  I mean, I was in a groove, honey, and knitting like the wind because I was SO CLOSE to being done.  But when I got to the shoulder shaping of the right front, I realized that I forgot to reverse the shaping as written for the left front.  The neckline of the sweater is at my shoulder and its shoulder is at my neck.  AGONY!  Believe me, I thought about just switching my neck and shoulder around to keep from having to rip the knitting, but that would have been WAAAAY harder.  So I put it in "time out" until I'm not mad anymore.  

Just looking at this picture makes the pain fresh again.