Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Design inspiration can come from anywhere, and pop into your head at any time.  Take yesterday for instance.  Right after I cursed out a driver (in my mind) for swerving in and out of my lane in rush hour traffic, a design popped into my head for a sweater with a swerving neckline.  I'm working on that one because I believe this design needs to come to life.  I might call it "Traffic".  Or maybe "&@$^*#%" would be a better name.

I have this notebook that contains sketches and notes for designs that just showed up in my head all of a sudden.  Many of them have gotten as far as being swatched.  I was flipping through said notebook and came across a sketch of a tank that I was designing for my best friend, but I didn't get past the swatch.  This, too, needs to come to life.

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So for my next knitting trick, watch me pull a tank top with an offset V-neck out of my hat. 


HoleyFiber said...

Isn't it wonderful how you could turn a lousy experience into something uniquely beautiful? Crafters are the best!

Nik said...

Exactly, HoleyFiber!