Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Coffee and Donuts

Occasionally, I get this notion that I must see what new knitting related items the creative folks selling through Etsy have to offer. Yarn bowls and stitch markers are my usual targets.

I try to look for unique things that I don't have, because what obsessed knitter do you know who doesn't have almost e-ver-y-THANG s/he could ever want in the knitting world?
Fancy set of knitting needles that you will cut somebody over if they look like they're thinking about touching them? Check.

Snooty yarn with a qiviut/silk/cashmere/angel hair fiber content, but you only have 6 inches because that's all you could afford (You're going to use it to make about three stitches in that sweater you're working on.). Check. 

Platinum stitch markers covered in flawless diamonds? Check.

But I didn't have stitch markers shaped like a cup of coffee and some donuts. 

I got them from here.  You get a mug and four donuts.  And you get to choose the color of your mug!

I love these so hard.  Remember that scene in Purple Rain when Apollonia rips out her earring and throws it to the ground to replace it with one Prince was giving her?  That was me putting my new stitch markers on the needles when they arrived. My old markers slid underneath the bed when I threw them.


Tamara said...

Those are the cutest I've seen yet!