Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Gifts from Korea, Part Deux

Andrea didn't stop at giving the handmade needles. Oh no. She tossed in some yarn too. Look at the texture:

Andrea, you must have read my mind from across the ocean. I love using yarn that has a braided texture because it adds interest to the fabric...especially in cable knits. The colors are beautiful and this is just the type of yarn that I would have chosen for myself. You done good, girl. THANK YOU.

I have a dilemma, folks. I MUST find the perfect pattern to use with this yarn. It has to be something that will really exploit those stripes. I have some ideas, but I'm not going to post them because I want to see what you guys come up with. If you know of any patterns, please feel free to give me the web address or book/magazine title.

(Oh, and the same "Beat-down" rule applies if I have any intruders trying to steal my yarn. I may have to add some Medieval to the Ninja. You have been warned.)


barbp said...

Yummy yarn and I wish I knew enough patterns and enough about yarn to try to give you a suggestion on a pattern. I knit, rip, knit, rip.

It's 10:33...do you know where your yarn is??

again LOL