Thursday, February 08, 2007

That Crazy Astronaut Lady

Love will make you forget about decorum, don a pamper (lest you waste TOO much time stopping to use the bathroom) and drive hundreds of miles to whip someone's tail over your man. Wait, he wasn't even HER man. Bummer.

One of the first things I thought when I heard about the crazy astronaut lady was, "He'd better be cute."

I also thought, "Now, she knows she didn't need that pamper. It doesn't take THAT long to go to the bathroom. 5 minutes, tops. If she stopped a total of oh, lets say, 3 times during her drive, that would have added about 15 minutes to her time. She couldn't wait 15 minutes?" Well, in her defense, she DID have to get there by a certain time.

Yep. Love will lead you to believe that it's OK to marinate in your waste for just a little while. Just a couple of hours won't hurt. Makes sense to me. Love said it's OK.

I'm so glad that the "other woman" wasn't hurt badly.

But why did she roll down the window to talk to that fool?