Monday, February 12, 2007

A Generous Gift... and a Confession

I sent her some big buttons. She sent me TWO hanks of Alpaca/Silk yarn.


"She" is Lynne. A reader of this here blog.

She was having difficulty finding large buttons for her "Republic" Hats, so I took pics of some I'd seen in Hancock Fabrics and e-mailed them to her. She chose the ones she liked from the photo, and I mailed them to her.

Just knowing that she was happy to have them was reward enough for me. But she was generous enough to send me the yarn.

When I talked to the yarn about what it wanted to be, it said, "Lace." There's over 200 yards of yarn, so I'm sure that I'll be able to make a beautiful lace scarf. Now the challenge is finding the perfect pattern. I'll focus on that when I get this design submission done.

Thanks, Lynne. I think I might be arrested, though, for fondling the yarn too much.


Speaking of fondling, I've had a secret that I've been keeping from you for a while now. But in light of the current media frenzy, I think that now's the time to come clean.

I'm that baby's daddy.

*I love you Anna Nicole.*


sweetfigs said...

That's the perfect shade of lavender, and I'll bet the silk makes it soft and glossy.

What's the latest count? 5 or 6 guys who are claiming to be the baby's daddy? I thought ANS' lawyer-boyfriend was an ass to make her do the commitment ceremony just 2 weeks after her son died. But when I said that to my friend, she pointed out that ANS was loony/drugging enough to want to get *married* ASAP and he probably talked her into downgrading to a commitment ceremony, for the sake of appearances.