Thursday, December 06, 2007

Say My Name

There was a craft fair at work today.

Oh, what a dangerous place for someone who loves to "buy handmade".

I was walking around the fair, minding my own business, when this bowl called my name:

I'm a sucka for handmade goods. Especially when they're this beautiful. I think it's the crafter in me that loves the crafter in others and makes me want to buy their stuff. It's that "crafty bond", you know? You "get it" when you see someone proudly displaying what they made with their very own hands.

The bowl was made by this guy:

Isn't the name of his business just clever? He had many beautiful bowls. So many that it was difficult to choose which one I liked best. In fact, this isn't the original bowl I bought. I'd originally bought a smaller bowl but this one was calling to me so loudly that I returned it for this larger one.

Heh, these glass coasters also called my name.

The colors were just making my brain happy (that's the best way I can describe the feeling I get when I see bright, saturated colors like this) and I had to get them. They were handmade by a woman who's now retired from the place where I work. I. can't. believe. someone. made. these. by. hand.

One last thing:

The "they were calling me" excuse applies here too.