Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hold My Balls

I've wanted a yarn bowl for a very long time. In case you've never heard of them, yarn bowls are ceramic bowls used to hold your balls (of yarn) to keep them from rolling around.

I've only seen two people make them: Knit Witch and Potter Knitter. I like Knit Witch's design better because you can easily remove a work in progress from the bowl, since there's a slit through which to feed your yarn instead of a hole.

I wanted one just for the sake of having it. I was in a pottery gallery one day, and I saw this bowl:

I thought it was so pretty that I just had to buy it and use it as a yarn bowl. It doesn't have the hole/slit in the side, but who cares. It still holds the yarn and keeps it from rolling around. Ok, I guess I could use ANY bowl for that, but then it wouldn't be pretty...and handmade...and special.

I love the colors. There was also a black/white version of this bowl. I think that I might buy it later. I like my bowl so much that I'm tempted to give some away as gifts to some of my knitting friends.

My bowl was handmade by a potter from North Carolina's historic potter's community known as Seagrove. The local gallery that I bought my bowl from -which sells many SeaGrove potters' works-is Seagrove Pottery.