Friday, April 11, 2008

Trigger Finger

I hadn't used it in so long, that I forgot that it still works.

I'm talking about my middle finger. It popped up out of nowhere yesterday.

I was in my car at a red light about to make a right turn. I was waiting for the street to clear so that I could turn, when I heard a blaring horn behind me. I looked up to see a woman motioning angrily. Apparently, I wasn't turning fast enough for her. I blew my horn back at her, and before I knew it, my arm flew behind me, and I gave her "The Bird" with such force that I think I almost sprained my finger. When we finally turned, she sped up to pass me. When she reached my car, I looked at her and gave her the evil eye.

I was shocked. I'd honestly forgotten about how effective using the middle finger can be. I won't be using it that much anymore. Well, maybe I'll pull it out on special occasions. But it felt REALLY good.