Friday, December 12, 2008

X-mas Ornament

We had an ornament exchange at our Stitch 'n Bitch meeting last night. I looked through a ton of patterns and found the typical santas and stockings. But then I came across this cute little miniature knitting bag ornament:

The original pattern is by Sharon Spence, and you can find it HERE

When the time came to knit the I-cord purse handles, I got lazy. I got one inch into the cord and decided that knitting I-cord is "for the birds". Then I remembered an old suede belt I had hanging in the craft room. "Yeah, I could use the fringe on the belt for the handles." While I was looking for the belt, I came across some suede flowers. So my version took a turn from the original and ended up looking like this:

One of my favorite parts of the ornament is the fake set of knitting needles (made with dowels I purchased from A.C. Moore, and beads I had in the craft room.)

I also like the "hanks" of yarn that were made with very small amounts of stash yarn. I want to thank Sharon for such a cute pattern.