Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Growing Order

This all started because I needed a new vinyl case for my Options needles. I'd filled my old one with so much stuff that I broke the zipper on it. This is a pattern with me. I suffer from "Stuffing my bags with too much stuff" syndrome. I always think that I'm going to want to read that book, or work on that other project instead of the one I'm REALLY planning to work on, and I stuff my bag with extra stuff in preparation for the "just in case". I have a fear of being stuck somewhere bored without having something to do with my hands or having a book to read. So, I tend to overdo it a bit.

Just a bit.

My knititng therapist (um, my friend Erica) once told me to just "stop putting so much s--t in my bag", after hearing me complain about the broken zipper. She made it sound so simple that I figured I could actually do it.

Imagine that.

I paid her for her groundbreaking advice and decided that she was right.

I'm cured.

So, I ordered myself another bag for a fresh start.

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This bag was $20 and was the ONLY thing I was planning to buy. But you have to spend at least $50 for free shipping. Since I was a mere 30 bucks away, another click of the mouse took me from having that one bag to having this too:

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Don't judge me because I NEEDED this. Honest. Have you SEEN the socks in this book? I'm not an avid sock knitter but this book makes me want to be one. You know, I owned the book at one time. However, I made the mistake of showing the book to Erica on her birthday and she jokingly asked for it. And I gave it to her. See, I have another problem. I like to give stuff to people.

I still hadn't hit 50 bucks yet, so I HAD to order just one more thing. I remembered that I coveted Melissa Leapman's "Continuous Cables" after seeing it in Borders a couple of days prior. Many of you know that I'm a bit of a cable junkie.

Finally, two became three:

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