Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Can You Feel the Love...ALREADY?

Ah, Valentines day.

Too early to mention it, you say? According to the displays I've seen in almost every store I've been to, NOW is just about the right time to start thinking about it. Not showing up with the right love token may cause your loving relationship to explode into tiny little pieces.

POOF! There goes years of all the hard work that went into convincing the poor man/woman that you are the ONLY one for them. That their lives would be nothing without you.

We don't want that to happen now, do we?

And if you're planning to knit something for your sweetheart, you'd better start making it now. And if you're showing your loved one you love them by going all out and knitting a sweater with US 1 needles using lace weight yarn, then, Daaahling, you're already behind. Me? I'm continuing with a project that was supposed to be Snookums' birthday present. At least I think it was supposed to be for his birthday. It's been so long since I've worked on it that I've forgotten why I was doing it. Whatever it was for, I can at least brag about being a little early for Valentines day.

He told me that he wanted his blanket to be maroon and beige. I chose the Log Cabin Afghan Square pattern found here. The blanket will consist of the two squares you see above-I'll alternate them. I have to make a total of 25 squares of this size (I think they're 12" x 12" ) for my 6'2" tall man. As of 1/12/10, I've got 4.75 squares.

Up the creek without a paddle you say? Heh. My goal is to have all squares knit and seamed by "love day" 2010. (Did I really just say that out loud? Now I really have to do it...)

The yarn I'm using is Red Heart...known as "El Diablo"* amongst the yarn snobs. Although I like Red Heart for Afghans, I know that some of my knitting buddies will have a conniption. They'll have two conniptions when I reveal that El Diablo is sitting next to a basket containing the more refined Woolmeise sock yarn. Apparently, you're not supposed to have the two so close to one another because the acrylic will taint the Woolmeise. Hey, even Jesus hung out with shady folks.

*Spanish for "The Devil"